Mission Statement

Our Mission, Vision and Values


To provide the best quality services that promote independence, health and wellbeing within our community.  We do this in a way that is culturally appropriate, flexible, respects and supports people’s choices and meets their needs and goals. We will acknowledge and value our people and adapting to the changing needs of our diverse community.                                                                                                                                

To promote the highest quality care through Information Dissemination and Continuous Improvement in a culturally sensitive and safe environment of service, incorporating principles of informed choice and control, flexibility, confidentiality, respect and social inclusion that will benefit clients, families & staff.


Our organization’s values play an important role in setting the standards of behavior and attitude expected from staff and volunteers. This ensures that our organization continues to provide high quality, safe and positive environment for all our people. They are:

·         Dignity and respect – respecting your choices, preferences and individuality

·         Caring – committed, thoughtful, supportive and considerate

·         Quality Service – professional and continuously improving

·         Accountability – having pride and taking responsibility

·         Teamwork – working together to achieve a common goal

·         Open Communication – improving understanding through listening & sharing, through your feedback and comments

·         Privacy and confidentiality – handling your personal information with privacy and confidentiality