My Aged Care


Help at home

For most people, living independently in your own home is what you want. But sometimes you may need help with daily tasks that you can no longer manage as well on your own.


For example, you might need help with home maintenance, such as changing light bulbs. You might also need minor aids and equipment, like a walking frame, to help you get around your home safely and easily. Or you might need help with tasks like dressing or preparing meals. As you get older, you may also need some level of nursing care to stay in your own home.

Aged care services are designed with the aim of meeting your changing needs as you get older.

How My Aged Care helps you

My Aged Care helps you find the information you need about aged care services.

This can be as simple as calling the My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422 or their website

My Aged Care provides you with information about:

·         the different types of aged care services

·         eligibility for services

·         help you find local services to meet your needs – Remember you are able request the Greek Orthodox Community Care

If you need assistance accessing My Aged Care or have any questions please call Community Care Services on (08) 7088 0500 Mon  - Fri from 9.00 – 5.00