Question 1. What Help Can I Get?

Community Care Services are designed with the aim of meeting your changing needs as you get older.

You might need help with daily tasks that you can no longer manage. For example, you might need help with:

·       home maintenance, such as changing light bulbs or mowing your lawn.

·       cleaning, washing and changing bed linen

·       aids and equipment, like a walking frame, to help you get around your home safely and easily.

·       tasks like dressing or preparing meals.

·       transport

·       social support

·       nursing care etc.


all services are aimed to assist you to stay in your own home

Question 2. How do I get these services?

There are some services that you can access through the Home and Community Care (HACC) Program. These include but are not limited to:

·    domestic assistance, centre-based day care and meals, transport etc.

·    there is no formal assessment required to access these services. You can contact GOCSA directly.

If you have more complex needs, a Home Care Package (HCP)  may be right for you. You can access similar services through HACC, but on top of this, the HCP services are coordinated and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Some facts about Home Care Packages:

·                 there are four levels of packages to cater for different needs

·                 a formal assessment by a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is required before you can get a package.


Question 3. Are There Any Fees?

There are fees for Community Care Services, however:

  • You will not be denied service if unable to pay;
  • Fees are discussed and negotiated with the you, your family or advocate at the commencement of services and signing of the agreement; and
  • Fees may be reviewed annually or at your request.

CCS complies with the Government’s Fee Policies for Home Care. More information on fees can be found on the My Aged Care Website