New Greek App

The Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia Community Care Services, in collaboration

Let's Go Greek! The Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia Community Care Services, in collaboration with Custom Business apps – Adelaide, has recently developed an application for iphone and ipad to assist service providers and professionals in the health and ageing industry, who work with Greek speaking clients and where bilingual workers may not be readily available. From our experience working with the elderly and collaborating with numerous service providers, doctors, nurses, social workers, nursing home workers, etc., we have found that sometimes written documents and explanations are too lengthy and therefore a quick reference of the most commonly used words and phrases is useful. This is how the idea of an application for phones and portable computers was born and here we are with an English-Greek “app” which comprises the most common Greek words and phrases in different categories, such as  greetings, feelings, instructions,  basic objects, dental and medical terms, clothing, food and beverages, family, religion, time, days of the week, months and numbers. For each English word or phrase there is an accompanying image, its Greek translation, the pronunciation in Greek as well as a sound file. Furthermore, the way the application has been designed gives us the possibility to amend the existing material and/or add more material according to the users’ needs.   The Greek Orthodox Community Care Services have released this application to the public free of charge, as we strongly believe that this resource will benefit and support both workers who communicate with Greek speaking people and the Greek community as well.

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Official Launch of "Let's Go Greek" (GOCSA CCS iPad/iPhone app)

& Community Care Services Volunteers Recognition


on Wednesday 17 June 2015 - 6.30pm - 9.30pm - Olympic Hall, 288 Franklin Street, Adelaide