Greek Orthodox Community Care Services believe volunteering makes for a better world and is an important value for all societies.
Volunteering enhances the human potential and enriches societies through the involvement of human resources.
Giving of one self to others, stimulating social responsibility and human solidarity are age old traditions.
Volunteering is an expression of love, caring and concern for each other and the environment that we live in. It is a possibility for all and is not confined to any group.
A feature of volunteering is its reciprocity – giving as well as receiving.

The volunteer service will supplement staff by providing assistance to enable frail aged people and maintain an optimum level of physical, social, intellectual and emotional independence.
• To enable the frail aged person to experience optimum quality of life by involvement in an activity program aimed at encouraging dignity.
• To expand the program by utilising volunteer skills and expertise.
• To educate the community through direct involvement and encouragement of a cross flow of ideas.
• To involve volunteers of the community who for a variety of reasons need an outlet for their energy.
Volunteering is not just about giving – volunteers receive many rewards for their efforts including:
• Contact with a wider group
• Recognition of your services
• Developing new skills but also recognizing current skills
• Making new friends and connections.
• Making a difference
• Enhancing self – esteem and self – confidence
• Improving the balance of life for yourself
• Being part of an Organisation that is committed to working with older people and values volunteer contribution.
• Developing community life
• Learning new skills
• Fulfilling a purpose
• Improving the quality of life for clients and people in the community
• Being part of a team
• Discovering new career opportunities
• Meeting mutual obligations
• Bus driver of the community bus

• Centre-based activities

• Friendly Visiting

• Lifestyle Assistant for Limani Social Support Group

• Social Support-individual Program

• Transport
• and much more……………………….

Please note:

A current Police Clearance is required.

All out of pocket expenses are reimbursed.

It is expected that all volunteers attend mandatory training.


Download and complete the following documents: 

Volunteer Application Form 

Police Clearance Form


and return via  Fax: 08 7088 0514    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Mail:  GOCSA Community Care Services, 262 Franklin St, Adelaide SA 5000