The Limani Social Support Group is a stimulating, culturally and linguistically appropriate centre-based day program. It is for people from a Greek-speaking background, with memory loss and/or confusion,  depression and social isolation and their carers.

The Limani Program aims to:

·  provide a holistic, person-centered approach with a Montessori model

·  assist families and carers to better manage caring for someone with memory loss and/or confusion

· offer carers an opportunity to take a break from their caring role by  providing them with respite

· maintain and promote activities of daily living as well as a sense of  security and self-worth in a safe and caring environment that is culturally appropriate

· enhance the quality of life, self-esteem, dignity and respect while preserving privacy and confidentiality of families.

· raise awareness within the Greek Community of the impact of dementia, and issues associated with memory loss and confusion.


                In 2011 the Limani Social Support Group introduced the Montessori principles as its foundation within a Greek specific program. 

An example of a Limani session:

Morning coffee- Montessori calendar which will incorporate religious celebrations, clients’ birthdays, current affairs and significant or historical events.

The second part of the morning is a combination of low impact physiotherapy/exercises followed by a stimulating word activity such as a Greek crossword, cue cards, and names of objects or geographical locations.

After lunch the group will select Greek songs from the 1940’s -60’s and can join the singing and dancing.

Afternoon coffee – at the conclusion of each session there is a choice of bingo, cards, backgammon or a friendly one on one conversation.

The Limani Social Support Group embraces Validation Therapy whilst in a safe and stimulating environment with an emphasis on respect, trust, care and security.


The program is based at:

163 Torrens Rd cnr Homestead Blocks Place, Ridleyton

Tuesday—Thursday: 10.00am—2.30 pm

(Closed on Public Holidays)

For further information, contact coordinator:  Magdalini (Mandy) Langanis

 Ph: (08) 8340 7479 — Mob.: 0402 020 002  - Fax: 7088 0514

Cost: $15.00 per session

Transport options:

• Limani bus - (waiting list)

• Family

• Taxi vouchers

are to be negotiated with the Coordinator

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Mail:  Community Care Services, 262 Franklin St, Adelaide SA 5000